Martin Brundle on Formula 1's "gladiators" being "chained to a rule book"

16-07-2019 08:03 | Updated: 16-07-2019 08:18
by Louis Shaw
Martin Brundle on Formula 1's gladiators being chained to a rule book

The British Grand Prix was the best race of the season so far. The first 20 laps saw dramatic overtaking and racing throughout the whole grid. In Martin Brundle's column after the race, the Grand Prix was dissected and broken down and the former racer believes that this is what Formula 1 should be like. 

Lewis Hamilton won his 6th Grand Prix bringing his total to 80 wins in Formula 1. It seemed that the Brit was lucky with the timing of the safety car but it seems that on second viewing, Hamilton would probably have won anyway. 

"Observing the opening laps and the final tour I have no doubt Hamilton would have won the race whatever the strategies and rub of the green with the safety car," Brundle said in his Sky Sports column. 

"Bottas recovered to a fine second place, confirming Mercedes' pace and benefiting from Ferrari and Red Bull fighting like the wild animals of their respective corporate logos."

After the incident in Austria, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen once again went wheel-to-wheel and it seems that this will be a battle we will continue to see in the future.

"Ferrari's Charles Leclerc had already said, after his bruising defeat to Max Verstappen two weeks earlier, he would accept the decision in the knowledge of how he could now go racing. He gave Max full retribution, and some, as they clashed tyre face to tyre face in a thrilling encounter.

"I don't know about you, but I find that a whole lot more exciting to watch and talk about than a Stewards' enquiry three hours after the race. We have great gladiators who we have been chained to a rule book such that they are scared to 'have a go' in the certain knowledge of instant penalties."

The British Grand Prix was Formula 1 at its best and has re-sparked the excitement around the sport. 


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