Sebastian Vettel: Success with Ferrari will determine F1 future

12-07-2019 12:17
by Louis Shaw
Sebastian Vettel: Success with Ferrari will determine F1 future

Sebastian Vettel has made it clear that it is a target of his to win a World Championship with Ferrari. The German racer has seemed to struggle so far this season but is still focusing on his objectives and is looking forward instead of back to the past. There have been rumours that he will retire at the end of the season but it seems that he is still passionate about the sport and wants to succeed.   

"I would rather have five than four championships," Vettel said to BBC Sport. "But I am not looking back to 'I won four championships'. I am more looking forward to 'I want to win the championship' if you see what I mean.

"And if anything, the fact that I have won already, I have fulfilled my dream. Then I fulfilled it more than once. But the first one is very special and after that, you just want to do it again.

"I love racing. I love working with the team. If we get into a flow of winning races, succeeding, doing well, that is the ultimate thrill. So it is really the path, the way to get there. That is the real excitement."

When questioned directly on his future in Formula 1 Vettel made it clear that he has set a goal to win with Ferrari. 

"I want to succeed," he said. "I want to make this work [with Ferrari]. If I will succeed, I don't know, but that's what I want, and that's what determines the future. And what's happening now, but it also depends on where the sport is going, and so on."

Vettel will hope things start to work for him and his team at Silverstone this weekend. 

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