Toto Wolff explains how to create a winning culture

09-07-2019 17:39
by Louis Shaw
Toto Wolff explains how to create a winning culture

Mercedes winning streak came to an end last time out in Austria but it seems the team expects to bounce back to the top after learning from their failures. Toto Wolff describes how he has created a successful environment at the team and how he uses the disappointment of not winning to get back to the top. 

"We keep our values up very high," Wolff said to BBC Sport. "It is a place where there are no internal politics. Integrity and honesty are most important. It is an environment where people dare to speak up.

"We actually encourage people to say their opinion because it is important for your own development. So, overall a positive environment in a world where things are not always very funny."

The Mercedes boss believes that failure can help fuel success. 

"The days we fail are the days we learn the most," he explained. "You never leave a track with a great victory saying: 'Why the hell did we win?' But you leave the track saying: 'Why the hell did we lose?'

"The pain of losing lasts many days, probably up until the next race. The enjoyment of winning disappears on the Monday morning after the Grand Prix. And this has kept us going."

Mercedes look like such a strong team and the leadership from Wolff seems to be part of why the team has won so much. 

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