Lando Norris believes simulator work "correlates to real racing"

08-07-2019 12:00
by Louis Shaw
Lando Norris believes simulator work correlates to real racing

Lando Norris is a big fan of simulator work and believes that it is a vital tool which can lead to faster lap times out on track. The McLaren driver revealed that his first experience of racing was when he used to play PlayStation games. Simulators are used by Formula 1 drivers to learn about circuits and practise their driving and the skills learnt are directly relatable. 

“As far back as I can remember, I must of been four years old and my Dad use to have Gran Turismo 3 on a PlayStation 2, and that was the first time I started playing a racing game, really any type of game,” said Norris on McLaren Shawdow' YouTube Channel

Norris got the racing bug and still uses computers to improve his driving and knowledge of tracks. There is some competition between the Brit and his teammate Carlos Sainz

“It’s like the first time we properly started going against each other in driving. I’m quickest, obviously. No question,” Norris joked.

“But if I didn’t have someone like Carlos, someone that is good in the simulator, it’ll be not much of a positive for myself or for the team.

“A lot of things we do on the simulator correlate to real life, because you are able to pick up on these places where as a driver you are not as strong and already started working on them before you have even driven the track.”

The work Norris is doing in the simulator seems to be working as he is one of the most impressive rookie drivers on the grid this season. 

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