Andreas Seidl wants McLaren to "focus on the basics"

07-07-2019 13:51
by Louis Shaw
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Andreas Seidl wants McLaren to focus on the basics

Andreas Seidl took charge of McLaren earlier this season and has implemented a number of changes in the structure of the team. The changes seem to be working as the team are now at the top of the midfield battle and are looking to bridge the gap to the top teams. Seidl says that the key is keeping everything "simple" and highlights the importance of "getting the basics right." 

"I have always been a friend of simple, traditional and clearly understandable hierarchies," said Seidl to Motorsport

"I made it clear from the first day on how I basically see the organization, namely in three units: technical development of the vehicle, production, racing team, a classic motorsport structure, as I have always worked in. Simple and understandable, for everyone in the world team."

"In the situation in which we are currently as a team, it is important to focus on the basics."

It seems that simplicity is the key to getting the team all on the same page and getting the basics right seems vitally important. 

"In my opinion, if you're just getting the basics right and doing the right thing in motorsport, it's very dangerous in this complex world to get lost in details that are only important when the basics are in place."

McLaren seems to have started to get everything right and perhaps they need to start looking at the details if they are to start competing with Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. 

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