Racing Point back Lance Stroll to end poor qualifying run

06-07-2019 16:24
by Louis Shaw
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Racing Point back Lance Stroll to end poor qualifying run

Lance Stroll has a terrible qualifying record. At every Grand Prix so far this season he has not made it out of Q1 but his team, Racing Point, are hopeful that he can end this dismal run at Silverstone next weekend. Stroll usually makes up for his poor Saturday with a strong performance during the race but the team will want him to start higher up the grid to improve their points scoring chances. 

Racing Points Technical Director is giving Stroll time to improve and backs him to make the necessary changes. 

"There's no denying his Saturday afternoon performance, he'd say the same, he struggles on a Saturday afternoon but we have to put it in perspective," he said to Motorsport Week.

"He's in a very early part of his career and he's up against a very mature, experienced driver on the other side of the garage and he's learning a lot.

"In each race and in each session we give him targets and what to look for and how to improve and it's small margins every time – but he understands it.

"He's an incredibly talented driver. We've seen that numerous times – and it's a case of just getting the experience.

"We've got every confidence he can do it – it just takes a bit of time."

Many believe that due to Lawrence Stroll's (Lance's father) involvement in the team the Canadian driver is being treated differently to how another driver would be. He will hope to improve his qualifying performances and justify his involvement with the team. 

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