Ericsson believes Formula 1 can learn from IndyCar

04-07-2019 16:23
by Louis Shaw
Ericsson believes Formula 1 can learn from IndyCar

Former Formula 1 driver Marcus Ericsson returned to the sport last week when he took part in a Pirelli tyre test for Alfa Romeo. Having been a part of Formula 1 since 2014, this season is the first that he has not had a racing seat in the sport.  

Instead, Ericsson has been racing full time in IndyCar this season and has said that he is enjoying this series more than he did racing in F1. 

The Swedish racer believes that Formula 1 cars perform too badly when following each other which makes the races boring. In comparison, he feels that IndyCar is much more exciting as the cars can follow each other better. 

"These are the real races," Ericsson said to Auto, Motor und Sport about IndyCar. "Driving behind another car is a million times easier than in Formula 1. Only when you are driving in free air do you miss the performance of an F1 car. They have much more power and downforce."

It is clear to see that Formula 1 needs to improve and that cars need to become better at following each other to allow closer racing. 

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