Hamilton: ‘I think Toto could do a pretty special job’

28-06-2019 08:56
by Bevan Youl
Hamilton: ‘I think Toto could do a pretty special job’

Lewis Hamilton made comments last week in France that the next Formula One supremo shouldn’t have or have had any links to teams before in F1 but seems to have reversed his comment claiming Mercedes boss Toto Wolff would be a good option.

Chase Carey’s, the current head of F1, contract finishes next year and Wolff has played down speculation surrounding links between him and the job.
Ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix Hamilton admitted to feeling ‘conflicted’ about his comments in France where he used FIA president Jean Todt and his previous links with Ferrari as an example.
Hamilton said (quoted by PitPass): "I think Toto could do a pretty special job.
“Would it be better? I do believe it would be better, but that's just from the experience of working in this organisation and seeing it improve drastically since I've been in the team."
"I've been a bit conflicted the last few days after Sunday night.
"I haven't spoken to Toto or to Jean but I've got a great relationship with Jean.
"I'm sure someone else will need to take that role and I was thinking after the race, the best person I know for managing a business, I don't know anybody else better than Toto.
“So I felt a bit conflicted because I made a comment but I don't feel like I probably got out exactly what I was meaning.”
Hamilton also went on to say that bringing someone in to lead F1 from the outside may not be an appropriate option as they  might not know as much.
The Brit said: "Over these past couple of days I was thinking to myself, you know, bringing someone in that doesn't know much about Formula 1 is not necessarily the right decision and if you look at people like Toto for example, he's been in two different teams, he's also been in a different business before.”
"If you could see how this company is managed from the top down I don't know how he [Toto Wolff] does it.
"I could never do his job and it's a good thing he could never do my job as well!"

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