Mark Webber: "Vettel still has it"

27-06-2019 09:12
by Matt Gretton
Mark Webber: Vettel still has it

Sebastian Vettel hasn't won a Formula 1 Grand Prix for 10 months. With a Ferrari car that can't compete on the same level as Mercedes, frustrations are growing inside the German. He's lost his head on occasions, but Mark Webber believes he'll come back. His former teammate says "Vettel's still got it." 

Lewis Hamilton's lead over Vettel in the championship is up to 76 points. To put this in context, Vettel isn't able to top the five-time world champion until at least September and that requires Vettel to win every race and three consecutive DNF's for Hamilton. 

In key moments last season, Vettel made crucial mistakes which hampered his chances of winning the Formula 1 world championship. While the car is below par this season, some of Vettel's moves have been questioned. Webber, his former teammate at Red Bull is confident we'll see a resurgence in Vettel. 

“I think he needs a couple more lieutenants, he needs to have less responsibility in the team and just more reassurance that the Monday to Friday stuff is going to be dealt with,” he told Reuters.

“Seb’s still has got it, but it’s a real challenge to stay ahead against a Mercedes-Lewis Hamilton factor week in and week out.”

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