Horner stands up to support Pierre Gasly

24-06-2019 08:13 | Updated: 24-06-2019 09:25
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Horner stands up to support Pierre Gasly

The pressure might be growing on Pierre Gasly, but he still has the support from his boss Christian Horner after another disappointing result in his home Grand Prix.

The Frenchman initially didn't score a point during the French Grand Prix, however, Daniel Ricciardo's double penalty was enough to give Gasly a single point. His teammate, Max Verstappen had a much stronger race and maintained his 2019 record of never finishing lower than he started.

Unlike the media and fans, Horner doesn't automatically blame the driver. He wants his team to look at Gasly's car to work out if there's any difference.

“Again a great race from Max and splitting the Ferraris was, I think, the highest achievable for us. Given the heat and the tires, I think it would have been a scant race with a one-stopper. His fifth P4 this season already," Horner said.

“Unfortunately, Pierre was unable to find the pace of his first stint on the hards, causing him to fall back in the marginal order. Ending on P11 is frustrating (so that became P10, ed.) since you don't take any points home with you. We will take a good look at his RB15 again to see if there are any invisible defects in Pierre's car."

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