Abiteboul is looking at his options for 2020 driver lineup

23-06-2019 08:46 | Updated: 23-06-2019 08:59
by Louis Shaw
Abiteboul is looking at his options for 2020 driver lineup

Cyril Abiteboul has said that Renault are looking at their 2020 driver options as they look to continue to improve in years to come. Daniel Ricciardo signed with the team for two years so will be driving for Renault in 2020 but Nico Hulkenberg's contract runs out this year. The team will look at their options but have said that continuing with Hulkenberg is also a likely option. 

“We have a two-year contract with Daniel," Abiteboul said to PlanetF1. “Nico’s contract, the initial term is coming to an end at the end of this year but there is some mechanism of options as has been commented on the press which I’m not going to disclose in the details that can kick in, so it’s maybe that we continue our journey with Nico.

“Frankly, Nico has delivered for the team, clearly, and if you look at where we were when Nico joined us and where we are today, it’s crazy and the change to the team, to the buzz, and clearly the drivers are no stranger to that, it’s not just engineers.

“So I think we need to give credit to that but also we need to look at the options like everyone is doing, like I’m sure Nico is doing."

Hulkenberg has never quite managed to get a seat in one of the top teams and at the age of 31 he is probably too old now to get a position with the likes of Mercedes of Red Bull. 

He will hope to impress Renault and continue driving for the team in 2020. 

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