Verstappen on Honda engine: "We lose a second to Ferrari on the straights"

20-06-2019 15:09
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Verstappen on Honda engine: We lose a second to Ferrari on the straights

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing star Max Verstappen says he's enjoying the team's partnership with engine supplier Honda, although the five-time Grand Prix winner does concede they still lose a second to Ferrari on straights.

It's been a very consistent start to the season for Verstappen, who had his lowest finishing position last time out in Canada as he ended in fifth place. 

Still, Canada marked a full F1 calendar year of the Dutchman beating his teammate in a race, with his last team defeat coming in Monaco 2018, when Daniel Ricciardo won the Grand Prix in the Principality.

Speaking about Honda, who have introduced a new spec of their power unit for this weekend's French Grand Prix, Verstappen still knew there are steps to be made.

"In terms of the power unit, there are still steps to be made to catch up to mostly Ferrari," the 21-year-old told his own website,

"We have a better chassis than them, but if you lose a second on the straight it's tough. I think Mercedes is much better than everybody anticipated."

Compared to last season, where Red Bull already had two wins at this stage of the season compared to this year's season-high of finishing third, Verstappen gave Honda a vote of trust, as he still believes in the project.

"Maybe we're not at our usual level like last year, but with Honda we're in a very interesting project and I'm enjoying it very much. Of course I want to win, but you can get satisfaction out of performing perfectly yourself. We have to keep taking steps with the car and the engine, that will make the season more colourful."

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