Hamilton "I felt a little bit odd being booed" on the Canadian GP podium

15-06-2019 08:22
by Matt Gretton
Hamilton I felt a little bit odd being booed on the Canadian GP podium

Lewis Hamilton was greeted with 'boos' when he stepped onto the podium after controversially winning the Canadian Grand Prix. Hamilton, usually a favourite with fans around the world, admits it felt odd, but it's not something he's new too.

Having won seven races in Montreal, Hamilton describes the track as a "great hunting ground for me".

“It’s been a place that I really have loved, and have always felt like I’ve been really accepted and supported here. I felt a little bit odd, being booed but it’s not like the first time I’ve been booed," Hamilton told the Independent.

“I’m used to it and I forgive.”

The 'boos' were likely to be a reaction to the penalty Sebastian Vettel picked up during the race. Many people feel it wasn't a penalty and Hamilton wants the fans to understand it wasn't him who made the choice.

“All I can say is I didn’t make the decision, firstly, so I don’t know what they’re booing at,” Hamilton added.

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