Hamilton and Vettel should have been allowed to race - Brundle

12-06-2019 09:40
by Joseph Tyrrell
Hamilton and Vettel should have been allowed to race - Brundle

Martin Brundle was in the firing line post-Canadian Grand Prix but he has admitted the race should've been allowed to unfold naturally and that things may have been different had Niki Lauda been around to intervene.

Lewis Hamilton won the race in Montreal but not without controversy as Sebastian Vettel was handed a five-second penalty after for a dangerous re-entry of the track which almost forced Hamilton into the wall. It all happened on lap 48 when Vettel lost control at turn four and ran onto the grass before returning to the track.

The five-second penalty cost the German his first win of the season and in the heated aftermath swapped the first place sign from Hamilton's car. Writing in his column for Sky Sports Brundle admitted they should've been allowed to race.

"But this duel should have been allowed to run and hopefully remedy itself, and then calmly considered post-race," writes Brundle.

"I cannot see how the penalty can be unravelled now, otherwise Mercedes will claim they would have pushed harder to overtake."

Brundle who conducted the post-race interviews also feels Niki Lauda might have had something to say had he been there, adding: "I'm not party to the processes and so I do not know what Charlie Whiting may have done, but I feel pretty sure I know what Niki Lauda would have said, even against his own team result."

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