Max Verstappen is impressed with Honda "so far"

06-06-2019 16:00
by Louis Shaw
Max Verstappen is impressed with Honda so far

Max Verstappen has said that he is really enjoying having a Honda engine in his Red Bull this season but wants it to develop further to allow him to challenge for race wins. Honda supply Red Bull and Toro Rosso with their engines and have so far been proved to be reliable and they will now try to improve their straight-line speed. 

Compared to the fragile relationship between Red Bull and Renault, Honda have impressed Red Bull and they will hope to build a successful partnership over the next few seasons.

“There is always a constant push,” Verstappen said to “I think this year with Honda coming on board for us, it gave us a lot more opportunities to test different kinds of things with the fuel, more samples as well. 

"We were a bit limited with that previously, so we are continuously looking for performance and so far I am happy.

“Of course you always want to do better and I think we are really working on that, to always try to improve, because standing still is basically going backwards.”

Honda and Red Bull's next target will be to get more consistent podium finishes and maybe aim for a race win before the end of the year but they seem to be working well and will continue to improve each race. 

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