Five things to watch out for at the Monaco GP!

26-05-2019 13:14 | Updated: 26-05-2019 13:37
by Adam Newton
Five things to watch out for at the Monaco GP!

The Monaco Grand Prix is just around the corner and let's hope it's an exciting one! Lewis Hamilton claimed a stunning pole yesterday and Charles Leclerc will start way down the grid, but what should you be looking out for during the race? Here's five things we think could determine the course of the race!

Turn one

Often at Monaco, turn one is the only one that matters. Which of the Mercedes boys will get the best start and lead into the first corner?

Max Verstappen

Could he be the man to upset Mercedes? Watch out for a Max madness! Starting P3 on the grid, Max may be able to take the race to Mercedes and maybe he could get amongst it and beat them!

Leclerc's charge through the field

Starting P15, Charles Leclerc has a challenge on his hands to grab points, and he's going to need all his skills to get himself into that top ten!


There's always a few in Monaco. Remember Leclerc slamming into Brendon Hartley last year? Let's see if something similar will happen this season!


My weather forecast says there is a chance of rain... But unfortunately it's not a huge chance. Maybe we'll get a little shower mid race to spice things up! 

Enjoy the race!

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