Forecast suggests a wet Grand Prix in Monaco!

25-05-2019 12:25 | Updated: 25-05-2019 12:40
by Adam Newton
Forecast suggests a wet Grand Prix in Monaco!

We could be in for a wet Monaco Grand Prix if the forecast is anything to go by!

The Monaco Grand Prix has been dry since 2016, and is often a picture of the upcoming summer, with beautiful clear skies and sun.

However, this year it could be different, with rain forecast to fall in the middle part of the race.

Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss, told Sky Sports: “Anything can happen here and the weather forecast tomorrow looks pretty horrible. It's got better today, worse tomorrow so let's see what effect that might have as well."

Maybe that’s what F1 needs right now, a wet race to make things chaotic and who knows, we might get someone other than Mercedes winning!

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