Bottas swaps clutch for Monaco after poor start in Spain

22-05-2019 15:10
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Bottas swaps clutch for Monaco after poor start in Spain

Valtteri Bottas will not use the same clutch from the Spanish Grand Prix as the Finn looks to improve his starts. Mercedes are not sure what caused the slow start but will hope that fitting a new clutch will eliminate the issue. Bottas will work on his starts throughout the weekend and will hope for a perfect start on Sunday. 

“We went through all the details and things to improve from my side and the team’s side, as usual. We can see the cause of it. For sure that clutch, physically, is out from the pool," he said to RaceFans. 

“But there are also things on the control side that in that unfortunate moment which just being on the grip limit allowed some hesitation and variation on the clutch torque. We’ve done changes to prevent that. Hopefully, it won’t happen again, and we’ll move on.”

Bottas will hope to finish the weekend with a maximum 26 points and reclaim the position at the top of the championship. 

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