Williams still without compensation for Baku crash

19-05-2019 18:49 | Updated: 19-05-2019 19:23
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Williams still without compensation for Baku crash

Williams are yet to receive their compensation from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix where George Russell ran over a drain hole cover causing massive damage to his car. Claire Williams has said that the main reason for the delay is the fact that the cost of all the damage is not a specific number. 

"I met with the promoter in Baku to have the conversation and obviously explain to have the money expedited was important to the team,” Claire Williams said to Crash.net. 

"They were very accommodating and are moving things pretty quickly forward so we’re pleased. We got some lovely flowers too, but I would rather have had a new floor!”

When asked if she had an idea of how much money the damage cost the Williams boss said, 

“That’s why it has taken a long time.

“We are still going through that process at the moment and our priority was to get the repair work done to then go through the analysis to understand exactly how much of a cost there is.”

Given the fact that Williams have been struggling financially this season, they will hope to receive the compensation sooner rather than later.  

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