Lewis Hamilton plans to make Mercedes the "most successful team in history"

19-05-2019 17:37
by Louis Shaw
Lewis Hamilton plans to make Mercedes the most successful team in history

Lewis Hamilton has said that it is "difficult" to see his future in Formula 1 with a different team and has confirmed that he wants to stay at Mercedes. The Brit has said that he aims to help Mercedes in their bid to become the most successful team the sport has ever seen but didn't say no to joining another team in the future. 

"Toto's a very intelligent man so we have great negotiations and great conversations," said Hamilton to Autosport. "I've been with Mercedes since I was 13, so it's very difficult to see myself anywhere else.

"I have never made it a secret that I've been a Ferrari fan, particularly Ferrari cars. Do I plan on going elsewhere? I haven't made any plans for my future.

"At the moment I'm just enjoying driving with this team.

"It's incredible what we're achieving together, and I plan on working with this team to help it become the most successful team of all time."

Hamilton won't have to do much more to cement himself as the most successful of all time and perhaps the challenge of joining a new team will be an option in the future. For now, he is set to drive for Mercedes until at least the end of 2020.  

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