Ticktum: Red Bull satisfied with test despite mechanical issue

16-05-2019 18:00 | Updated: 16-05-2019 18:01
by Bobby Vincent
Ticktum: Red Bull satisfied with test despite mechanical issue

Dan Ticktum has revealed that Red Bull Racing are "satisfied" with its post-Spanish Grand Prix testing in Barcelona, despite a mechanical issue.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Red Bull took part in the testing at the Circuit de Catalunya, following the race there last Sunday. Ticktum was behind the wheel for Red Bull for only the second time, six weeks on from his first testing appearance in Bahrain.

Ticktum insisted the driving was an exercise in data gathering, with the Brit setting the 10th quickest time on the grid; a massive 3.6 seconds off the pace.

"I think for the team; data-wise, we got what we wanted as today was about executing a specific run plan rather than setting purple sectors," Ticktum said. "We had a driveline issue this morning which cost us a few hours but the running that we did get was positive.

"There will be more feedback later in the week, but overall, at the moment, everyone's satisfied."

Red Bull engineer Simon Rennie pinpointed "further developments" as one of the key reasons for taking part in the post-race test.

"It was a full programme of aero testing today," Rennie explained. "Some of that was about understanding the car that we have, and the rest was assessing future developments.

"The issue that we had at midday kept us in the garage for a few hours and it was a shame to lose that time but the running we had was very useful."

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