Kvyat wants to eliminate Friday F1 running altogether

06-05-2019 15:00 | Updated: 06-05-2019 15:26
by Bobby Vincent
Kvyat wants to eliminate Friday F1 running altogether

Daniil Kvyat has indicated he'd be up for completely eliminating Friday sessions in Formula 1 completely, due to teams already knowing too much.

In Azerbaijan, the FP1 session was cut short after an early incident involving George Russell and a drain-hole, and it seemed to make little to no difference in the overall weekend.

Friday's two practice sessions are used to gather data by the teams, so they can work on the information and try to set its car up in the appropriate way when it comes to Saturday's qualifying session and Sunday's race.

"Maybe we need to just come on the track on Saturday," Kvyat said. "That's it. Honestly we are so up (to knowledge) on all the tracks we know. I think we need to allow extra time on new tracks, like it's going to be Vietnam or something, maybe, I don't know.

"It's up to the F1 people to decide, what is best and what is not. Every driver is different. Someone needs maybe five hours. But not me."

Someone who agrees with Kvyat's views is Red Bull team principal Christian Horner: "I think it depends on how many races we end up with. If we end up with more races, we arguably do need to condense the time.

"We saw that one session worked well enough on Friday (in Azerbaijan), so maybe just one good session is the way to go. Then parts and people can turn up a little bit later and one session is enough for the weekend."

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