Alain Prost says that Formula 1 has "gone too far" with technology

23-04-2019 14:55
by Louis Shaw
Alain Prost says that Formula 1 has gone too far with technology

Four-time World Champion Alain Prost believes that Formula 1 has become too technical and that the sport is no longer competitive. The former racer believes that you can now predict who is going to win each weekend and that there are very few surprise results throughout the season.  

"(The cars) are super-impressive in technical terms," Prost told the Dutch publication Formule 1. "But personally, when I look at it as a driver, I think we have gone too far.

"It is now all mapped out in advance. Everything is calculated in terms of setup and strategy, and as a result, surprises are becoming increasingly rare."

"We know we are very close to the limit right now," Prost said. "Reliability problems are sometimes unavoidable -- it's part of the game, and we have to accept it.

Prost is now heavily involved with the Renault F1 team and is optimistic about the teams future. 

"Renault will have one of the best engines in Formula 1," he said. "Nobody talks about it now, but we have the data, and we will do it step by step."

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