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Guenther Steiner is prepared for more disappointment in Baku

Guenther Steiner is prepared for more "disappointment" in Baku

16-04-2019 13:00 Last update: 13:34

Haas boss Guenther Steiner believes that his team's struggles are set to continue in Baku. Haas has been struggling so far this season to keep their tyre temperatures warm meaning that they are losing lap time and are significantly slower than other midfield teams. Kevin Magnussen is 9th in the championship whilst his teammate Romain Grosjean is down in 17th. 

At the start of the season, many expected Haas to be one of the fastest midfield teams but so far they have been struggling. 

"We understood the problem after Bahrain but we couldn’t fix it in time for here, we still need to work on it," Steiner said to GPFans. "We need to keep on working and try and find a solution to our big issue.

"We didn’t have this in winter testing, as the track is completely different to these tracks like Bahrain, here and Baku.

"Baku is even worse - I’m readying myself for the disappointment. I hope we find something before Baku. At these race tracks, we can’t get energy into the tyre."

"It’s high-speed tracks with long straights and low energy corners where we can’t get the heat into the tyres. That’s what it is,” the Haas team principal added.

"In winter testing, even if it was cold in Barcelona, you load the tyres a lot, you have energy to put in, you can keep the heat in it.

"In Australia, the temperature is higher and it was fine. But in Bahrain and here, it just doesn’t work."

Haas will hope that they can figure a way of keeping tyre temperature and that they can get back to competing for the 'best of the rest.' 

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