Vettel and Verstappen talk about their wheel to wheel racing

15-04-2019 09:44
by Louis Shaw
Vettel and Verstappen talk about their wheel to wheel racing

During the Chinese Grand Prix the most entertaining part of the race was probably when Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel went wheel to wheel. We all know the history between the two when it comes to close racing, which made this even more exciting. The racing was clean and fair and provided some good excitement. Vettel managed to stay ahead and went on to finish the race third. 

When speaking about the racing Verstappen said to PlanetF1“I tried under braking because his tyres were still a bit cold.”

“Then on the exit he made it quite close, but I mean I would’ve done the same, so it was alright.”

Vettel said that “I saw him coming and the speed delta at the end of the straights is quite big now,”

“Knowing Max as well as I do I knew that he will try. I was sort of predicting that he will try and go down the inside and I tried to cut back, and it worked.

“I had a bit of a moment, I had to open the car a bit, but it was good.

“I could nearly get a car length ahead of him and the angle into the last corner for him wasn’t very sexy.

“It was good fun but we would have loved to be a bit faster.”

It was great to see these two go wheel to wheel and hopefully we will see some more of it throughout the season. 

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