Leaked design plans for 2021 cars

26-03-2019 16:38 | Updated: 26-03-2019 16:51
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Leaked design plans for 2021 cars

Photos have been leaked of what the 2021 Formula 1 cars could look like. The new look is quite different from what the cars look like currently but with the new regulations coming into place, change is necessary. The cars are in their ninth stage of design development so whilst these are not the finished product they do offer some insight into what we will see on the grid. 

Formula 1 is looking to implement a number of changes by 2021 in a bid to make racing more exciting. One of these major changes is allowing the cars to follow each other better. This would make for closer racing as there would not be as much of a disadvantage in the midfield. 

The new regulations will start to come into place and change will be seen progressively in the next few years. 

Do you like the look of Formula 1's future? It is certainly very different!  

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