Brundle on fastest lap bonus point: "Proven to be a great success"

24-03-2019 16:31 | Updated: 24-03-2019 18:06
by Joseph Tyrrell
Brundle on fastest lap bonus point: Proven to be a great success

Martin Brundle has expressed his excitement over the new fastest lap bonus point feature which was introduced in Melbourne, with Valtteri Bottas claiming 26 points thanks to the new initiative.

The bonus point for the fastest lap was only added a week before the season-opening Australian Grand Prix and many were sceptical but it added an extra element to the race. Max Verstappen was set to claim the extra point until Bottas defied team orders to win a record 26 points.

Whilst understanding the point will most likely go to the race winner, Brundle believes it has been a success, adding extra tension to the race.

“This extra point has proven to be a great success in Australia, it has provided in the last laps for an additional element of tension,” Brundle said in his feature on Sky Sports.

“The extra point will most likely go to the winner, who has the best car and pace.

“Or, then, one of the other top 10 pilots gets the hang of having enough time at the right time to change tires and try for less fuel.

“Or he goes to a driver who is behind his teammate and cannot overtake.”

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