Verstappen claims overtaking "isn't easier" after rule changes

20-03-2019 09:30
by Bobby Vincent
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Verstappen claims overtaking isn't easier after rule changes

Max Verstappen has insisted the 2019 rule changes have not made chances of overtaking other cars easier in Formula 1.

Verstappen only has Melbourne to go off, with F1's opening race happening last Sunday. The Red Bull Racing driver managed a podium finish on the opening weekend in Australia - challenging the likes of Sebastian Vettel (who he did overtake) and pressuring Lewis Hamilton towards the latter stages of the grand prix.

Hamilton is actually one of the drivers who have come out and confirmed that overtaking cars has not become easier because of the new front wing rule changes in 2019.

Haas driver Romain Grosjean believes it has become easier to follow, but not overtake, due to the weakness of the 2019 Pirelli tyres.

"I had no chance to get past Lewis," Verstappen said about his thrilling battle with the reigning champion. "It's still very hard. I always had to keep my disatance so as not to ruin my tyres.

"The only positive thing that has improved is the DRS effect. As soon as it opens, it's a lot more powerful than last year. But there is still a lot of turbulence when following," the 21-year-old revealed to Auto Bild.

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