Ricciardo: "There is no reason to hold me back"

13-03-2019 14:40
by Matt Gretton
Ricciardo: There is no reason to hold me back

Some of Daniel Ricciardo's best moments have occurred when he came back through the field. Last year's Chinese Grand Prix was a prime example of this. He says even though he'll be starting further down the grid, he won't be quiet on race day.

"You will see more of me than you are used to. The chance to start at the front is small so I will catch up because more cars start in front of me. I see no reason to restrain myself," Ricciardo told motorsport.com.

Renault is in the middle of a five-year plan and is aiming to move closer to the big three teams in 2019. Ahead of his home Grand Prix, the Australian confirms he'll play his part in this.

"With this, I remain relevant and I push the team forward," he concludes.

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Tom Trish Min-Loe +14 13-03-2019 19:26
hes a good kid that drives a black 3 what more can u want from him .....f1 new intimidator, i say he beats both RB
Apex Zulu +87 13-03-2019 20:45
Daniel Riccardo has earned his place among the best. Seizing opportunities when they present themselves is what we are looking for, not crashing people out of the lead IE: Hulkenburg crashing Hamilton out of the lead Brazil 2012.

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