Hamilton and Ricciardo discuss the competitiveness of the midfield

12-03-2019 10:26
by Louis Shaw
Hamilton and Ricciardo discuss the competitiveness of the midfield

Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo discuss the competitiveness of the 2019 midfield. There are a number of teams which are able to compete for the fourth position in the constructor's championship and it is unknown which team that could be. 

"I don't know which team is fourth, but they are a lot closer than they were in the past," said Hamilton to Motorsport.com. 

"Before there was like a second gap or something like that, I think it's now within half a second or maybe less, which is awesome.

"How their development will be through the year, whether they have the capacity to develop as the top three teams do, is probably the biggest question.

"It's going to be exciting. Maybe you're going to see some races where Renault or Force India [Racing Point] will be a lot higher than they've been in the past."

Having moved to midfield team Renault, Daniel Ricciardo is looking forward to being abe to race alongside more cars. 

"A lot of the cars are going to be very close and there isn't going to be much in it," Ricciardo said.

"So it could just be 'who does a cleaner lap' could make the difference of one or three positions.

"I am looking forward to where everyone stands. It has been pretty close in testing.

"You are still going to get the top couple of teams having a bit of a gap at the start of the season but the midfield certainly looks like it is going to be on.

"I don't think that what we see in Melbourne is going to be the way the whole season plays out.

"It is going to change quite a bit in the season, especially in the first six races or so."

With only 4 days until the first 2019 race, we don't have long to wait until we can find out who is going to be quick this season.  

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