Wolff says "everyone will be changing their aerodynamic designs" during the season

12-03-2019 09:08
by Louis Shaw
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Wolff says everyone will be changing their aerodynamic designs during the season

Toto Wolff believes that Ferrari has the upper hand at this stage of the season but aims to change Mercedes' aero package in order to catch up with them. Mercedes are set to make the changes after the first four races so it is likely that Ferrari are dominant up until that point. Wolff believes that this is not an issue and that he has the belief in his drivers to make things competitive on the track. 

When the teams revealed their cars for the 2019 season both Ferrari and Alfa Romeo had very different looking front wings to the rest of the grid. It is believed that this new design is much more efficient and that teams will start to copy it. 

“By the end of the test, we had a better understanding of our car and we looked reasonable in terms of our speed compared to Ferrari,” Wolff told Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper.

“However, based on our calculations regarding the amount of fuel in the cars, we see Ferrari in the front,” Wolff added.

“If another concept turns out to be the better one, it may be that at the fifth Grand Prix in Barcelona, or shortly thereafter, everyone will be changing their aerodynamic designs.”

Despite the fact that Mercedes may start the season slower than Ferrari, Wolff is confident that this will not impact his driver's attitude. 

“There are athletes who, after many successes, are no longer able to motivate themselves because they have made good money and are recognised,” Wolff said. “But it’s different for Lewis.

“He manages to reinvent and reinvigorate himself over and over again. It’s a remarkable ability that he has,” he said.

“He can become the greatest racing driver of all time and he knows it,” Wolff added.

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