Toro Rosso: Honda were faultless in testing

04-03-2019 14:15
by Bobby Vincent
Toro Rosso: Honda were faultless in testing

Toro Rosso technical director Jody Egginton believes Honda's power unit was "faultless" in the pre-season testing that took place at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Unsurprisingly, the Japanese manufacturer has probably put more effort into its power unit this season than it did with Toro Rosso last season, with Red Bull now having a relationship with Honda.

"Winter testing on the engine side has been faultless, it has to be said," Egginton told RaceFans. "Last year, we did get through some (engines) as you guys know for several reasons. We had started the year with one or two challenges reliability-wise.

"But then Honda were bringing big chunks of performance to the track and we took the decision to actually develop through the year and sometimes that means you're making changes to power unit elements for development purposes."

But Egginton does believe that all four of Formula 1's power unit manufacturers have produced reliable packages this season due to the high mileages completed by the majority of teams in testing.

"Compared to this time last year - it was not a disaster this time last year, Honda were working hard and developing - we're in a better position.

"But then I think it's fair to say it's probably similar for all the PU manufacturers so far this winter in general. I never know in detail what other people are doing but yes it's a good step forward. It's refelcted in the mileages that people are doing as well. Just generally the cars seem fairly reliable."

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