Honda keen on further engine clampdowns

08-02-2019 17:42
by Adam Newton
Honda keen on further engine clampdowns

Honda have made it clear that they want F1’s rulemakers to bring in further regulations on the engine rules, to prevent other engine suppliers taking advantage of grey areas.

Honda returned to the sport in 2015, supplying McLaren, and immediately struggled with an underpowered engine, and were ditched by McLaren after three seasons.

Toro Rosso took on the power unit for 2018 and Red Bull were convinced to take the gamble for 2019, although there are doubts whether it will be competitive.

Honda admit that one reason they were behind other engine suppliers was because other teams knew how to exploit loopholes in the regulations.

Masashi Yamamoto, Honda’s motorsport boss told "Everyone was really keen to exploit the grey areas, especially Ferrari and Mercedes.

"We were the ones who came in the later time, so we were behind from the point of view of knowledge and understanding.

"So, what Honda thinks is we want to burn all of those grey areas. We want them to stop - no grey areas is our hope."

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