Brown identifies improvement McLaren must make on 2018

26-01-2019 09:39 | Updated: 26-01-2019 10:29
by Adam Newton
Brown identifies improvement McLaren must make on 2018

If you remember back to testing last year, you’ll know that McLaren had a horrible time, completing the lowest amount of laps on the grid, and subsequently had an awful season, ending the season as one of the slowest cars.

So, understandably, one of McLaren’s main targets this year is to get off to a good start with testing in Barcelona.

Refelcting back on 2018, McLaren Racing’s CEO Zak Brown said: “One of the reasons – not the only reason, but one of the reasons – why we were slower to bring performance is we had reliability issues.

“So you roll off the truck in Barcelona and instead of being able to get straight down to performance you’re immediately tackling wheel nut issues, heating issues and you then stop focussing on performance, start focusing on reliability.

“I think the team did a good job to give us reliability coming out of Spain testing to have both cars finish in the points in Australia. It isn’t what it looked like [being] in Spain. So I think we’re in a better place performance-wise and reliability coming into winter testing.”

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