Steiner: Haas was never a Ferrari copy

12-01-2019 17:05
by Jake Williams-Smith
Steiner: Haas was never a Ferrari copy

Haas team principal Gunther Steiner has defended his team over claims that they were a Ferrari 'clone'. The American team's rivals questioned whether the newest team on the grid had copied parts of Ferrari's designs and fitted it to their cars however no wrongdoing was ever found by the FIA.

Discussing the allegations, Steiner pointed to the investigation and how the team had cooperated as evidence they were always innocent. The team boss alleged it was just scaremongering tactics used by their competition in the early stages of their push towards the top end of the midfield.

“We have proved we are not doing anything because we invited people to come in, plus all the tests the FIA did, and we are still open if someone wants to audit us. Just do it. We are open to it.

“It never happened because people were just trying to scare us, but you cannot scare someone who doesn’t need to be afraid. So, we said, ‘yes, you are our guests’.”

Haas had their best season to date since joining Formula One and finished fifth in the 2018 campaign. Steiner believes that there is potential within the team to push on and challenge higher up the order.

“I think we are three years in and the Haas F1 name is pretty well established. Now everybody knows what Haas F1 is. For one reason or another it is well established.

“If a partner comes along which again contributes enough and gives you opportunities as well, why not do it? I think it will help the team.

“It will be exactly the same (with Ferrari). We have got a very good relationship, it’s working very smoothly because we established all the rules. It’s working fluently and well so there’s no change in the relationship.”

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