Schumacher's manager believes "he has been the epitome of the sport"

12-01-2019 13:30
by Joseph Tyrrell
Schumacher's manager believes he has been the epitome of the sport

Sabine Kehm believes Michael Schumacher is the “epitome of the sport” and has changed how the sport is approached in the present day.

Kehm still works closely with the seven times World Champion as his manager and she feels the German’s legacy has had a lasting effect not only on the track but off it.

“I think he has been the epitome of the sport,” Kehm said in an interview with F1’s official podcast, Beyond The Grid.

“He’s defined the way that people would nowadays say how a Formula 1 driver needs to be.

“That’s the driving itself on the track and the definition of how you work with the team and how important it is to really be inside and really understand everything to find the right direction and find the right questions and the answers to those questions.” Kehm added.

The former F1 journalist also praised Schumacher for the way he helped bring the sport to a new level in terms of popularity.

Schumacher won two titles at Benetton before five consecutive World Championships at Ferrari.

“I think he really brought F1 to a level, it was coming into the living rooms of average people, whereas before that was kind of seen as a playing field for people who are seen as a little bit crazy -  it’s a cool sport but you cannot really take it serious. ” Said, Kehm.

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