Alpine ignore Briatore's suspension: 'We only look ahead'

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Famin happy with Briatore appointment at Alpine
21 June at 15:12
Last update 21 June at 15:23
  • Tygo Bekkema

Alpine's Formula 1 team recently caused a stir by appointing Flavio Briatore as team advisor. The Italian is not an uncontroversial figure within the Formula 1 world, his career in the king class of motorsport having previously come to an end after the handling of the crashgate scandal. Bruno Famin, team boss of Alpine, explained why Briatore was brought in during Friday's team bosses' press conference in Barcelona.

"Flavio will bring his experience, for sure. He has 40-years of experience in Formula 1. He knows how to operate a winning team. He has a very good record and quite a number of world titles. And he will bring this experience, this fighting spirit to the team." Famin told of the reasons behind Briatore's appointment.

Briatore should help Alpine move in the right direction

Alpine's foreman is happy with the arrival of the experienced Formula One celeb and he explained what roughly Briatore's role will be. "He's going to advise the team. We will work together. Of course, he's the adviser to the group, CEO. But he will advise the team and we are going to work and to talk permanently together, for sure."

For Famin, it is all about looking ahead to the future. He hopes that the new appointment can use his experience and expertise to help the team develop: "I already answer questions about the past and I don't really mind about the past I'm always looking about the future on trying what we can get on to get our team better. Better, that's really our goal, what I see with having Flavio as an advisor of the team is the opportunity to have his experience and to help us. He has a lot of experience and he has a lot of experience and he has a lot of very high-level knowledge of Formula One, he knows a lot of people and I'm sure he will support us in developing the team faster and better, that's all," he concluded. 

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.