Russell wants to keep Verstappen behind him: 'Why not? Of course!'

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Russell overjoyed after pole position in Canada
8 June at 22:15
  • Estéban den Toom

George Russell was like a child after qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. The British driver recorded exactly the same time as Max Verstappen, but set his time earlier, so he starts Sunday's race in pole position. Russell thinks he can keep Verstappen behind him during the race in Canada.

Russell so happy as a child after pole in Canada

Can Russell keep Verstappen behind him in Montreal? "Why not?", Russell told Sky Sports after qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. "Of course. Let's go for it. The car has been feeling amazing since we introduced upgrades at Monaco. We're in that fight now so we'll go for it tomorrow," said the blazingly enthusiastic Russell.

Russell was all smiles with his pole position in Canada. "Amazing. It feels so good. So much hard work has happened at the factory. We hope this is the start of something for the season, and I think it is. It's awesome here, everytime we come here we get such good energy from tomorrow. First step is done, but now we've got our eyes on tomorrow," he said. 

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.