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'Home driver' Tsunoda on Imola floods: 'City recovered faster than thought'

'Home driver' Tsunoda on Imola floods: 'City recovered faster than thought'

15 May - 18:00

Tygo Bekkema

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is scheduled for next weekend. It is the first time since 2022 that Formula 1 will visit Imola again, last year the race could not take place due to severe flooding in northern Italy. Yuki Tsunoda is a resident of Imola and, in a preview of the upcoming race, talks about the impact of the natural disaster and how the city recovered quickly afterwards.

"The flood will always be remembered and how the town came back stronger. The flood had a massive impact. people that have lost everything: their house with everything inside; their belongings and memories, photos," he let slip in a press release. As a result of the extensive damage, the entire region mobilised to get things back on track, including Tsunoda himself. "It's pretty incredible how the whole city and whole region of Emilia-Romagna recovered right after, how people worked together to at least clear the roads so that you can travel around. It was impressive to see how the people were helping each other."

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Tsunoda looks forward to race weekend

"I’m very excited to race here and see the Emilia-Romagna fans cheering, especially after what happened not long ago. I’m very excited, and it’s one of the tracks I drove quite a lot in the past. It’s another home race, my second-home race, so I can't wait!"

About the race weekend itself, the Japanese driver said the following: "I really like it. The track is very technical, with lots of medium-high-speed corners and high-speed chicanes, so it’s a bit like Suzuka, but slightly narrower. It’s always enjoyable to drive, and I have a lot of good memories there."

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy