Whiting on the kerb

29-11-2018 11:19
by Louis Shaw
Whiting on the kerb

Charlie Whiting has said that the kerb going into the last corner in Abu Dhabi eliminated the need for track limit penalities. 

The FIA race director said that the kerb eliminated the need for "zero tolerance" penalties which he believes "demean" Formula 1. 

Although there were a few that criticised the kerb the majority of teams and drivers agreed that it did it job well. The Kerb was placed to ensure that drivers did not gain an advantage from exceeding track limits. 

"I'm not one for saying every time (a driver) goes over the white line they should be penalised," Whiting explained to Autosport.

"It that's zero tolerance. Because as I've probably said countless times, leaving the track is not a penalty. Gaining an advantage from leaving the track is."

"We want to try to make sure that every time a driver leaves the track he doesn't gain anything from it, and preferably he loses time doing it." 

However, it is hard to put these kerbs in every track. For circuits used for Moto GP the kerbs have to be removed. 

"Normally we have to ask them to put down temporary ones that they can take up for bike racing. These are the sorts of problems we have to face on many different circuits."

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