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Weather forecast for the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix

What is the weather forecast for the Chinese Grand Prix?

20 April at 13:00

Formula 1 teams and drivers experienced a wet sprint qualifying session in China. The cars had to tip-toe around the circuit, as everyone lacked grip in SQ3. Lando Norris made the best of it and qualified on pole for the sprint. No rain fell during the second day of on-track action, but what's the forecast for the Grand Prix?

F1 last visited China in 2019. Lewis Hamilton won the event as he began his push for a sixth World Championship title. Since then, the landscape in Formula 1 has completely changed, including the introduction of sprint races.

What is the weather forecast for the Chinese GP?

There might be some rain forecast overnight from Saturday to Sunday, but it should be dry for the start of the race. The race is scheduled to start at 3pm local time, with a 5% chance of rain, which increases to 19% towards the end of the race. The temperature is expected to be 20c, with wind speeds reaching around 8mph in a northeast direction.