Hill: 'That's the only reason for Verstappen to leave Red Bull'

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damon hill sees verstappen leaving red bull for this reason
14 April at 16:00
  • Ludo van Denderen

With Fernando Alonso committed with Aston Martin for 2025, there are fewer and fewer competitive seats available in Formula 1. For now, Max Verstappen seems to hold the key to the driver market: will he stay with Red Bull Racing or be tempted by Toto Wolff to switch to Mercedes? Damon Hill does not believe the reigning champion will leave the Austrian team after this season. For 2026, the former champion certainly does not rule it out.

GPblog previously reported that the Red Bull Powertrains project - the self-developed engines by Red Bull - is behind schedule. Hill, too, has heard this. In the podcast F1 Nation, the Briton states that this could well be the deciding factor for Verstappen to leave Red Bull behind at the end of 2025.

In that case, according to Hill, Mercedes would be a logical alternative. "If he's got doubts about their powertrain progress, then maybe he might be looking at Mercedes. Mercedes may be a little bit more confident with the new regulations. The competitive prospects are surely going to be key for Max. The only reason he's going to leave Red Bull is if he thinks that they're going to be losing an advantage."

Doornbos advises Verstappen switch to Mercedes

A successful marriage between Red Bull Racing and Honda will end in 2025. From '26, Red Bull will use its own Red Bull Powertrains in partnership with Ford. In the history of Formula 1, there are many examples of new engine suppliers having trouble being competitive in the first few years. Robert Doornbos also had these fears last week. The former F1 driver advised Verstappen to switch to Mercedes.