Marko applauds Perez's performance: 'His best season with us so far'

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Marko applauds Perez performance after Japan GP
10 April at 07:00

The usually critical Helmut Marko was full of praise for Sergio Perez after the Japanese GP, who provided Red Bull Racing with a one-two together with race winner Max Verstappen for the third time this Formula 1 season. The top adviser even ventured to say that Perez is having "his best season so far" since joining Red Bull.

Marko: 'Perez is having his best season at Red Bull so far'

Perez drove a strong race, finishing second behind Verstappen for the third time in four races, despite his lost positions at the pit stops. His performance drew high praise from the often critical Marko. "Checo was very solid. He was unlucky at the pit stop, but he came back into the race with a great manoeuvre against Lewis Hamilton at the 130R corner. He is definitely having his best season with us so far," the 80-year-old man from Graz believes in his analysis for

At the weekend of the Japanese Grand Prix, Perez said he was not worried about his future in Formula 1 andthat he expects clarity on his contract at Red Bull soon. However, Marko stated that it is still too early for Red Bull to make decisions on the F1 seat next to Verstappen.

Marko: 'Red Bull does not participate in those games'

"The fact that the transfer rumour mill is already turning at the beginning of April is, in my opinion, due to several factors. Firstly, Hamilton announced his switch to Ferrari very early. Moreover, if the rumours in the paddock are to be believed, Audi wants a decision from Carlos Sainz very soon. Aston Martin is also exerting pressure in different directions. We don't participate in these games. You don't hear about Red Bull Racing's personnel situation until halfway through the season," he explained.

Besides Perez, Marko is also delighted with the performance of local hero Yuki Tsunoda. "Yuki got away sensationally well at the restart. His overtaking manoeuvres gave the viewers the best show of the day," stated the Red Bull advisor. "The fans were absolutely delighted. His weekend was similar to that of Max, Fernando Alonso and co. Flawless, a super performance under the pressure of his home race."