Jos Verstappen hints that his son is a better driver than Hamilton

27-11-2018 15:43
by Louis Shaw
Jos Verstappen hints that his son is a better driver than Hamilton

Jos Verstappen believes that Hamilton only won the world championship because of his car. 

Hamilton ended up winning the championship by 88 points but Jos Verstappen believes that his son, Max would have stood a better chance had his Red Bull been as quick. Hamilton won the race in Abu Dhabi from pole whilst Verstappen started in sixth to finish in third. Jos believes that the fact that verstappen is having to make so many overtakes every race it will mean that he wil be a better champion in the future. 

"Hamilton drives a much faster car and that makes it a bit more convenient is you are able to start from pole every race." he said when speaking to

"The car is very good but regarding race pace we fell short and then he needs to take risks every race for a podium finish, that is eccuring every race." 

Jos Verstappen believes that "looking at Hamilton, he starts from pole and then wins the race, you don't need to take such risks." 

When asked about who will be challenging him next season Hamilton said "I would imagine its going to be Sebastian and Valterri alongside me." and did not mention Verstappen. 

Verstappen clearly has to work harder for race wins as his car is slower but that is part of Formula 1. It would be interesting to see who would be quicker in the same car. 

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