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verstappen would find it weird if alonso goes to red bull

Verstappen would find it strange if Alonso becomes his teammate

6 April at 03:35

Fernando Alonso is being linked with the seat next to Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing. Verstappen cares little who will sit next to him, although he wonders aloud to De Limburger whether the Spaniard's arrival would be so wise.

Alonso appears to be aiming for a seat at Red Bull Racing. The Spaniard has an expiring contract at Aston Martin. He could renew with the British team, but would also be keen on a deal with Red Bull Racing. Alonso has already held talks with Christian Horner, but will he actually get the seat?

Will Alonso become Verstappen's new teammate?

"I don't care who sits next to me. I said that to the team as well. I always assume myself and in my view I am everyone's boss," Verstappen is clear. The three-time world champion will care little who sits next to him. However, Verstappen does wonder if the move is good for Red Bull Racing as a team.

"If you ask me, I would find it strange to contract a driver of 42. Red Bull has always had the tradition of training young drivers themself. It already deviated from that trend with the signing of Sergio Perez, and even more so with a 42-year-old driver. I can get on well with Fernando, that's not it. But I also look at the future of the team. Ultimately, it is up to them to decide who drives where.''

Alonso will be aiming for Sergio Perez's seat. The Mexican's contract expires after this season. Max Verstappen's future is also still uncertain. Christian Horner stated that it is 100 per cent certain that the Dutchman will stay, but that is not quite the case. In fact, Verstappen does have one key requirement to stay with the Austrian team: they must retain their key figures.