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Jeremy Clarkson makes a SAVAGE dig at Formula 1 after Sainz's recent win

Jeremy Clarkson makes a SAVAGE dig at Formula 1 after Sainz's recent win

2 April - 19:00

The Formula 1 World Championship is the pinnacle of motorsport, but Jeremy Clarkson believes driving the F1 cars is becoming all too easy. The former Top Gear host made a savage dig at the current status of the sport after Carlos Sainz won the Australian Grand Prix just two weeks after having surgery.

Sainz was forced to miss the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after being diagnosed with appendicitis. His replacement, Oliver Bearman, scored points on his Formula 1 debut. Two weeks later, Sainz returned for the following round in the World Championship. The Spaniard started on the front row and went on to win. Clarkson believes this is a sign that modern Formula 1 is all too easy.

Clarkson takes a savage dig at Formula 1

Clarkson, who is known to voice savage views, spoke about this in his column for The Sun. "Naturally, many people saw this [Sainz's win] as a heroic display of stiff-upper-lip determination and spunk. I wonder, though. We keep being told that these F1 cars are road-going fighter jets. That they are a volcanic orgy of noise and G-forces. And that you need to be superhuman to control one."

“Really? I only ask because Carlos [Sainz], pictured in hospital, was plainly in some discomfort before the race, but he seemed to manage for nearly two hours in the car. Which leads me to believe that walking up to a Formula 1 car is actually harder these days than driving it," Clarkson said, who has seen Formula 1 up close this season. He was on the grid ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix and even waved the chequered flag. 

Sainz explained in Australia that he had spent a lot of time recovering after his operation and was grateful for the developments in the medical world. He now has three Grand Prix wins to his name but doesn't yet have a contract for the 2025 Formula 1 season. However, he is in the conversation with multiple teams.