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NASCAR visit London and plan on bringing events to Europe

NASCAR visit London and plan on bringing events to Europe

2 April - 20:00

Ludo van Denderen

Formula 1 has gained popularity in the United States in recent years, but the NASCAR Cup Series is still the top racing class in the country. The class is also well followed in Europe. It is possible that NASCAR will even race on this side of the Atlantic with the Cup Series.

Things sometimes get wild in the NASCAR Cup Series: For example, in the last race, a driver threw a piece of his bumper at an opponent in anger after a crash.

NASCAR to the Netherlands?

The US organisers have revealed that the sport wants to go international now that it has a Cup Series. The Zandvoort circuit seems to be an option. At the Ziggo Sport Race Café, Rick Winkelman says that talks are already taking place between the two organisations. The commentator himself helped ensure that talks between the circuit and the Americans have already taken place.

"NASCAR was in London to talk about their plans and I was there. They told me they want to go international and they would prefer to go to Europe. I thought, 'That's cool, that's nice to know.' We have Zandvoort, of course. If you can get Formula 1 back, why not see if you can get NASCAR?' I then went to Zandvoort and they thought it was a great idea."

Incidentally, NASCAR is already active on European circuits with another series. The NASCAR Euro Series operates in Spain, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands and others.