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'Newey in advanced talks with Ferrari'

'Newey in advanced talks with Ferrari'

21 March - 02:25

German newspaper Bild reports that Adrian Newey is at an advanced stage in conversations with Ferrari about joining the team. Red Bull Racing's top designer is said to be on his way out due to all the commotion surrounding Christian Horner.

Germany's Bild reports that there are talks between Newey and Ferrari. Those talks are said to be at an advanced stage, according to the German magazine. Newey signed a new contract at Red Bull just last year, but his dream of one day working for Ferrari has never been hidden by the Briton.

Will Newey make the switch to Ferrari?

Ferrari has approached Newey before but always turned down the opportunity until now. The move now seems closer with the growing unrest within Red Bull. Red Bull recently revealed that Newey will definitely not leave the team, especially given his Hypercar project, the RB17. 'His child' he would not just leave was Red Bull's remark.

Still, it is no secret that Newey would love to work for Ferrari. He saw it as a missed opportunity that he has never designed a car for the Italian team and also mentioned that it was a loss that he never worked with Lewis Hamilton. With the latter set to drive for Ferrari in 2025, Newey thus kills two birds with one stone.