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Schumacher adamant about Horner:  'He is obsessed with power'

Schumacher adamant about Horner: 'He is obsessed with power'

7 March at 07:37
  • Ludo van Denderen

Ralf Schumacher does not seem to be a fan of Christian Horner. While the Red Bull Racing team boss has been under huge fire for a while now, Schumacher continues to criticise him. Having previously indicated that it would be better if Horner quit as team boss at the world champion, Schumacher now expects the Briton to drag colleagues along in his fall.

Schumacher is closely following developments at Red Bull. Schumacher seems to understand the situation. Indeed, according to the German, the team boss has 'made a lot of enemies', he told the German version of Sky Sports.

'Horner is intimidating people now'

"He seems very obsessed with power. He has achieved a lot and wants very much to keep his position, and he pulls out all the stops to make that happen. You also hear that he intimidates people. When he has to leave, the cesspool then opens. It's all very exciting."

Yet Schumacher is keen to stress that he really likes Horner as a person. For example, the German indicates as a plus that the team boss is always available for interviews. But Michael's brother is also critical: the current situation could have been avoided. "I think it is very tough for his wife after everything that has happened in their marriage," he said.