Schumacher still sees problem at Red Bull: 'A lot has been broken'

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Schumacher still sees problem at Red Bull A lot has been broken
29 February at 07:00

After a long period of turmoil within the Red Bull Racing team, it's been confirmed that Christian Horner will stay on as team boss of the Austrian constructor. Ralf Schumacher thinks the ties within the Red Bull team need to be healed first.

The Brit was accused of inappropriate behaviour but was cleared on Thursday after an independent investigation. According to the Formula 1 analyst, it is normally possible to just stay back in the team you were already in before the allegations, but at Red Bull he sees a bigger problem emerging than that.

Schumacher on Red Bull's situation

"The problem here is that you almost got the impression that some people internally wanted to get rid of Horner. There has been quite a fight, and now the question is whether this is really the case and whether he can keep his position and will have the support of the whole team. A lot has been broken. You have to fix that first," Schumacher told Sky Sports.

Horner will get to work straight away, as the Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled this weekend. Yesterday, he flew by plane from England to Austria before heading to Bahrain. The season opener in the Middle East will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday instead of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.